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A garden coach is like hiring a mentor/ personal trainer for your gardening. This is a one-on-one , individualized lecture in your own garden, a house-call what is answering for your own gardening issues, questions, what may be:  soil improvement, proper planting techniques, watering, fertilizing, composting, organic pest control, pruning skills, tool recommendations, other seasonal maintenance tips and tasks to make your gardening experience the most successful and enjoyable.

If you are a do-it -yourself  homeowner, I will work with you one-on-one in your yard, teaching  you gardening skills, techniques.

By learning the proper gardening techniques,  skills you will save time, money and will not have to declare yourself the one, who “has no green thumb”, but be proud and relaxed in your own paradise.

You may need coaching once, once a season or once a month, or more often, it is up to your need of learning and perfecting your skills, and having fun!

The right planning is just as important in landscaping as it is in any other installation work, giving you a clear map to guide you,the least mistakes to be made and less money wasted on bad tries!

Visualizing the finished landscape can be easy with drawings, 2D or 3D drawn to scale presentations or with simple photo renderings.

To get ideas, tips and recommendations of design elements, plants and  inspiration  for your outdoor space from a trained eye and expert horticulturist and designer.

Whether you have a new home, or you are new in the area I will identify  existing plants what either the builder planted or you inherited; sort out what to keep, transplant, or remove, give you advice on the area soils, drainage, other issues.

I can advise you on starting up your garden, the way you like it, also to create curb appeal, low maintenance, water wise  plant selection, screening for privacy, foundation plantings, camouflaging utility boxes, outdoor areas, anything to result in a functioning and appealing garden space for you and Family.

You can call me to consult you on maximizing  your impact for your landscaping budget when you are ready to move and sell your home.

At the end of this consultation we can either agree on working together further (design drawings prepared, or coaching lessons to arrange), or I can make a simple sketch of the areas with a plant list for your to keep. You may take notes during this consultation, as you please and brainstorm me for  general ideas.

I can install gardens, container arrangements, vegi gardens for you.

I am also closely working together with excellent landscape installation contractors.

There is nothing nicer to accent patios, entrances, windows, or small spaces than flower arrangements in containers,  window boxes.

I can install and set up  these for you with or without drip irrigation to ease the watering.

Some vegetables, herbs are also suitable for container gardening and will give you fresh produce at hand with very little effort.

Visiting nurseries can be fun, but sometimes is overwhelming. To sort out between the plant selection of the garden center and what could really work in your garden has to be decided with knowledge and with good eye on the design.

I can make this easy for you, after visiting your garden and getting to know your yard and your goals, visiting the garden centers I can help by navigating your pick and make recommendations to avoid  many many less suitable choices.

If you prefer the hands-on work yourself, I can source the plants for you either based on our consultation or a design.

My ongoing visits to  nurseries and wholesale nurseries enables me to know the quality and selection what the individual nursery best to offer ( get the plants from the right place for the right cost and best quality).

Delivering them to you will save you  time of unnecessary going around and not finding the right plant or finding it for higher cost/ lower quality, or even worst, substituting it for a wrong variety/species to compromise. The labor of handling, delivering also will be mine.



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